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How We Contribute to Slow Fashion.

Creating a sustainable brand in a fast-fashion and disposable world today is quite a challenge, although it’s now being seen more often than ever. We’ve been promoting our products using the words “sustainable” several times. But what does it actually mean? “adj. In ecology and economy particularly, something that can be maintained long-term without exhausting natural resources or without causing severe harm to the environment. Development, sustainable economy.” – ESGOA  Here are some steps which we take to target a sustainable business: 1. Use of Materials We only use genuine bovine leather for our handbags to ensure a long lifespan...

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The ART of buying LESS.

Minimalism is not just a design aesthetic… Starting a brand which focuses on minimalism and simple design changed my life from just admiring the simple details of products to trying to commit to a lifestyle where owning less means more. I am far from living the perfect minimalist lifestyle, as I still enjoy spoiling myself with unnecessary products, but it is something I aim to commit to in 2019. I started my handbag label with the idea that you only really need one handbag. One functional, practical eight-to-late handbag which suits every occasion and outfit. By merely being a designer,...

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The True Cost of Namibian Leather Handbags.

Leon Engelbrecht working on one of his tote bags in his shop in Windhoek. Photograph by Shawn van Eeden and Creative Lab. Photograph by Shawn van Eeden and Creative Lab. My immense love for the leather handbag industry started when I was still a fashion design student doing my post-graduate in Exotic Leather Accessory Design in South Africa where I had the opportunity to work with one of the best exotic leather goods manufacturers in Southern Africa - I absolutely fell in love with factory life. I was always a bit more drawn to the technical side of design and...

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