About Us

Born in Namibia, Amâna is an international brand of elegance and simplicity aimed to last a lifetime.
Amâna was founded in 2018 by Elzane Ludeke, accessories designer and aspiring entrepreneur.
Elzane studied fashion design in South Africa, specializing in Exotic Leather Accessories Design, which was immediately followed up with experience in working in one of South Africa’s most renowned exotic leather manufacturers.
She then moved back to Namibia where she assisted in starting up a leather handbag factory, training staff from scratch and teaching the skill of leather craftsmanship. After only two short years’ experience in this position Elzane decided to take on the venture of an entrepreneur and business owner and so Amâna was born.
leather behind the scenes photoshoot
Amâna is a brand predominantly creating designer leather handbags, leather wallets and other accessories. The aim is to create a sustainable and timeless range by promoting slow fashion and offering great value for money products to women of all ages.
Amâna aims to encourage sustainable fashion by creating handbags suitable for any occasion and which is the perfect eight-to-late companion. By buying one bag that accommodates all your daily activities is a sure way of contributing to a sustainable lifestyle, as the fashion industry is taking an overall more sustainable approach.
photograph smile tara mette
Amâna would not have been possible without our photographer, Tara Mette, who understands the brand so clearly and captures every moment so perfectly.
Tara Mette is an award-winning photographer from Namibia. Her diverse experience touches on fashion, commercial and conceptual photography. However, her absolute passion and what deeply fascinates her, is documentary photography.
Aspects of truth and realism are her core beliefs and that is what she strives to portray in her photography. At the end of the day all she wants to do is share the bare-naked truth and tell the entire story of the people she photographs. Therefore, she is the perfect fit for our brand values.
View Tara’s online portfolio here.
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