Elzane's story

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Born in Namibia, Amâna is an international brand of elegance and simplicity aimed to last a lifetime.
"Radical Socks for the Renegade"

Amâna was founded in 2018 by Elzane Ludeke, accessories designer and aspiring entrepreneur.

Elzane studied fashion design in South Africa, specializing in Exotic Leather Accessories Design, which was immediately followed up with experience in working in one of South Africa’s most renowned exotic leather manufacturers.

She then moved back to Namibia where she assisted in starting up a leather handbag factory, training staff from scratch and teaching the skill of leather craftsmanship. After only two short years’ experience in this position Elzane decided to take on the venture of an entrepreneur and business owner and so Amâna was born.

Elzane, now embarking on any opportunity coming her way, started new ventures in the fashion industry.

One consisting of quirky silk socks, bringing out her eccentric personality and the fun, unconventional side of her. 

Zany Soxx was founded in September 2020, and such a new brand was immediately well received in Namibia. 

Zany Soxx offers you a wide range of outlandish silk socks, embroidered with quirky designs to make a statement in these radical times.

Lex & Ludeke

Elzane is the co-founder and designer of Lex & Ludeke, together with her business partner, Alexandra Agenbach.


In 2020 their clothing range, Lex & Ludeke brings a highly conceptual focus to fashion design. Drawn from many fields of study as well as Mother Gia earth and complimenting elements of which reinterprets them into clothing.


Lex & Ludeke was born from a desire to create tasteful clothing, quality vs. quantity and the arts and culture scene with a rather quirky edge. Both these creatives have been actively involved in the Namibia art culture and continue to create, ensure the best version of their clothing is release whilst exploring with different mediums to incorporation towards their brand and passion.