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Born in Namibia, Amâna is an international brand of elegance and simplicity aimed to last a lifetime.

Amâna is a leather handbag brand founded in 2018 by Elzane Ludeke, Fashion and Accessories designer. The brand is one of the first Namibian-designed brands to manufacture excellent quality genuine leather handbags on a larger scale and distributed throughout Southern Africa.

Elzane’s experience in the manufacturing industry in Southern Africa has led to the realization of the massive gap between local designers, manufacturers, and retail outlets in Namibia. There is poor communication between these industries resulting in a lack of growth in the fashion manufacturing industry. Thus Amâna, along with the Fashion Council of Namibia, initiated Fabrica; an industry case study to explore the present and future possibilities of fashion manufacturing in Namibia.

Amana assisted in the setup of a leather handbag factory in Namibia in 2016, training staff from scratch and teaching the skill of leather craftsmanship, showing a great deal of potential to grow the manufacturing industry.

The aim is to explore the current manufacturing industry in Namibia and how we can improve, expand, and run a large-scale manufacturing plant for clothing, textiles, and leather goods

The opportunity to manufacture for the retail industry is limited due to the scarce supply of raw materials needed, lack of trained leather craftsmen, and inadequate distribution of products. This result of outsourcing skilled labour to manufacture the finalized products and the increasing import of raw materials leads to the lack of job opportunities, local income, and MSME development in Namibia.

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